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About the film Chooriyan

Soundtrack:   0
Songs:   3
Year   :   June 19, 2015
Genre   :   Drama, Musical, Romance
Director   :   Sukhwant Dhadda
Writer   :   Sukhwant Dhadda, Vivek Kumar

Chooriyan is the story of Simran (Gracy Singh), an orphan who has always dreamt of being a part of a family. Her dream finally comes true when Army Office Aman (Sudanshu Pande) asks her to marry him and she lives happily as part of Aman's family. Aman and Simran cherish every moment before he returns back to his army duty. Before he leaves, Simran makes a vow to him that while he is away, she will always take care of his family as her own. She looks after her invalid father-in-law (Parikshit Sahni) and dotes on her two loving brother-in-laws (Vikas Bhalla and Manish). Aman informs Simran of his plans to come back home on an official visit. Fate has other plans for them. She is informed of Aman's fatal accident on his way home. Despite financial hardships, her two brother-in-laws get married to their respective girlfriends. These wives start to create a rift in the family causing the foundation of the family to crack. Simran and her father-in-law are completely ostracized from the family. With the help of their family friend Besant Singh (Vinod Khanna), Simran starts to regain all that she had lost. Does Simran have the strength to reunite her family? Will she be able to fulfil her promise to her husband or regain all that she lost?

Our Rating:   Metascore  / 51

Chooriyan Songs


Solo Quimica

Solo Quimica by  Fangoria
Solo Quimica . ' by ' . Fangoria
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Transport by Koudlam
Transport . ' by ' . Koudlam


Transperu by  Koudlam
Transperu . ' by ' . Koudlam
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